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About Me

My spiritual path has been a diverse and winding road. At one point, I was sure who and what God was and I thought I had all the answers. Then suddenly and without warning, my traditional faith crumbled I was not sure God even existed.


I battled through the doubts and came out on the other side with personal truths that God is not just one thing, and there is not one way to reach divinity. There are many unique and beautiful ways to access that higher power.


I also know that love is a powerful healer and balm.  I have read and prayed and dabbled and felt joy and sorrow and so many other things on my path towards spiritual coach and guide. Through it all, I have always had a strong pull of internal intuition and a desire to lead with love.


I have always had a penchant for reading energies and have developed that into a set of skills I have used to help guide my own life and decisions. I followed my own promptings and messages from the Divine to use my gifts and talents to help others heal or find their own way.


I believe in Jesus, Buddha, Mother Earth, ancient goddesses, angels, divine light and love, crystals and magic and all the unknown that makes faith such a beautiful concept.


Part of my mission is to help others recognize and trust their own internal guide and promptings. I want people to find their own tools and answers from the Divine.  And above all, help them feel pure love in a sincere and meaningful way.

When you book a session with me you can expect to receive guidance, tools and love from Spirit to help you on your current path. 

Thank you for sharing this space with me.

I am so glad you're here.

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