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Cleaning and Clearing Your Energy Field

Have you ever walked into your space and just felt...blech. Like every surface was cluttered or dusty?

A quick dust up, sweep, or maybe even a full fledged, music cranked to 11 scrub the house top to bottom kind of day, and you feel so much better.

My energy field gets this way too. So does yours. There are some days when the fatigue has nothing to do with a poor night's rest or chasing after my kids all day. It's a different kind of drain I feel in from head to toe that wears me down. Sometimes the layer of dust is after a day of being with clients. Some days it's after consuming too much world news. And some days, it's just from living, and existing as a human being!

I have a few things that are my go to's for cleaning up my energy field, wiping the dust away, sweeping the cobwebs and crumbs and feeling fresh and renewed.

1. Salt bath. Oh. My entire self just relaxed a little even typing that word. A salt bath is one of the number one things I like to do to cleanse my aura and restore a little clarity to my heart and mind. I like pink Himalayan salt for these kinds of soaks. Not only is there energetic and metaphysical benefits from a good old fashioned soak, but it also relieves muscle aches and sore spots on my physical body. Bonus points if you can manage a bath in the semi-darkness with a few candles lit and uninterrupted silence.