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Using Oracle Cards as a Spiritual Tool

Oracle cards are a wonderful way to connect with Spirit. Oracle decks can be as varied and unique as the individual using them. I have loved using oracle cards in my spiritual practices for that very reason. I have an eclectic set of decks that range from moon cards, to words spoken by Jesus. I let my own intuition help dictate which deck I pull from depending on the question and problem being brought to the table.

Oracle cards can be added to a practice just like prayer, sacred text or crystals are used in one's individual spiritual practice. There are a variety of ways to use oracle cards and can be tailored to fit into your individual style and personality.

Although there is not an exact script or dictum on using oracle cards, there are a few things I try to do each time I use them for myself or for others.

1. Clear and cleanse your deck.

When using a deck for the first time, you should always clear the deck and imbed your own energy and set intentions for the cards. And even after you have been using your deck for a while, it is always wise to cleanse and clear the energy from the deck.