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Using Oracle Cards as a Spiritual Tool

Oracle cards are a wonderful way to connect with Spirit. Oracle decks can be as varied and unique as the individual using them. I have loved using oracle cards in my spiritual practices for that very reason. I have an eclectic set of decks that range from moon cards, to words spoken by Jesus. I let my own intuition help dictate which deck I pull from depending on the question and problem being brought to the table.

Oracle cards can be added to a practice just like prayer, sacred text or crystals are used in one's individual spiritual practice. There are a variety of ways to use oracle cards and can be tailored to fit into your individual style and personality.

Although there is not an exact script or dictum on using oracle cards, there are a few things I try to do each time I use them for myself or for others.

1. Clear and cleanse your deck.

When using a deck for the first time, you should always clear the deck and imbed your own energy and set intentions for the cards. And even after you have been using your deck for a while, it is always wise to cleanse and clear the energy from the deck.

2. Meditate before pulling cards.

Even a simple and short meditation using cleansing breaths will help your reading be as clear as possible. When using the cards for a longer or more complicated question, think about intensifying your meditation beforehand to go along with it.

3. Use multiple methods.

There are many different kinds of card pulls you can do. I recommend trying different methods. As you become more comfortable with your cards and the kinds of situations you are asking about, you will be more comfortable knowing which method to use. I use a one card pull, a 3 card layout, and a handful of other methods depending on the question and amount of time I have for doing a reading for myself or others.

4. Relax and trust yourself.

It's important to remember that oracle cards are not the end all be all of gaining every answer you seek. They are a tool of many you can use to gain a better insight into a situation or help to shift your perspective and view something from a different light. A card drawn may lead you to thinking about something you never would have thought of before to help heal or view a situation differently. If you are unclear about a card drawn, it's always best to have a journal handy and take notes on what comes to mind. It's possible that the thoughts and feelings that come up may make sense at a later date.

If there is one thing that I love to reiterate to my clients, it is that they have the power to access the Divine direction they need to find their own answers and have God, or the Universe leading their path. Oracle cards are a great way to experience this connection for themselves.

I love showing my clients how to access their own guidance and I offer classes on how to read your own oracle cards. For more information on these classes, you can click here to book a spot in one of these classes.

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