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Are You Worthy to Connect With God?

As I sit and type these words out, there is a woman who I have never met getting ready to sit in front of a panel of men in suits who will decide whether or not she is still worthy to be a full, good standing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Natasha Helfer is a therapist. She has written books on subjects she’s counseled over the years and is highly regarded by her colleagues. But shortly, she will be in a tribunal of male priesthood holders of her church. These men will decide if her science-based practice goes against her ability to remain in faithful standing as a member of her church.

There are way better articles and podcasts that you can dive into to see what kinds of terrible things (spoiler: I don’t think they’re terrible) this woman has done to be put in a situation where the membership of her church status could be revoked. The post-it TLDR involves her professional advice and counseling about…(checks around shoulder to see if kids are in the room)...(*whispers to readers) stuff.

I know! Scandalou