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Healthy Throat Chakra

There's a lump in my throat.

I can't even say the words, it makes me choke up.

Fear. I feel paralyzed with fear even thinking about the words I want to say.

Any of these scenarios or emotions sounds familiar? There's a highly energetic space in your throat that may be blocked, cloudy, unhealthy, and could be contributing to these feelings. Situations and interactions with others that leave you feeling unsafe, unheard, or less than your amazing and divine self can cause this space to dim.

The fear of speaking your truth can be a huge contributor to making this space unhealthy. Anytime you are hiding or putting your authentic self behind a barrier, this space dims a little more. Saying yes when you really wanted to say no. Speaking your truth, and then being ridiculed for it. Lying. Not listening in a conversation. These can all be factors that cloud your throat chakra or can be side effects from having an unhealthy throat chakra.

But when this space is clear and healthy, and radiating that beautiful light, communication can come with ease. You can listen and speak up with balance. You are comfortable and confident in speaking your truths. And in that confidence, comes the greater capacity to BE your authentic self when you can speak from a place of authenticity.

It's amazing how important this space can be in your whole, spiritual health.

If you are immersed in a culture or environment where you do not or did not feel comfortable speaking up, or were told either directly or indirectly that your ideas, thoughts, and words weren't important, this space may take a little more time and work to be healthy than an occasional cloud from lying about a speeding ticket.

That's ok! Give yourself grace and time. There are certain stones that can aid in this healing and clearing. The energetic color and space of this chakra is blue, and many blue crystals correspond beautifully with helping this space heal. A few of my favorite are listed below.

  • Sodalite: also known as the "poet's stone," an excellent stone for helping you communicate with confidence and can assist in helping you find your voice in an important conversation.

  • Lapis Lazuli: can help teach the power of the spoken word, excellent for directly balancing your throat chakra.

  • Blue Chalcedony: also a creative stone, an can absorb negative energy, this stone also enhances verbal and listening skills.

Intention setting can be very powerful in self-healing. In a simple meditation, with the focus and intention on clearing your throat chakra, you can work on clearing this important space so you can speak with greater confidence about your life and how you want to live it. Or putting a stone in your pocket or holding one during a phone call or important conversation can help contribute to obtaining and then keeping your authentic voice.

One thing I know for sure, the more authentic your words, the more you are your authentic self. The more you can be your most authentic self, the lighter life feels. Being comfortable in your own skin can lead to all kinds of lovely living and self-discovery.

Inbox always open for questions!


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