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Looking for Love

What's the opposite of love? Hate? If you are in love with someone, what is the opposite of that? Being afraid of them? Disdain?

2020 was a bizarre year of fearing a virus and the unknown. January of 2021 doesn't have a much different landscape. The virus is still surging around the world. A bunch of armed, insurrectionists tried to take over the United State government on a Wednesday afternoon, so there's that.

So to say our collective is full of fear and anger right now is a pretty obvious statement. Taking in the collective is something that has always been a blessing and a curse for me. Being an empath, I've learned how to both take in and shield myself from the big feelings of a big world.

So when I texted my friend the other day who has gives me insight to the stars and planets every now and then and said, "What is happening in the cosmos right now? My chest is riddled with anxiety, I can't shake it." She said, 'Is it yours or someone else's?'

Umm. Both. That is what immediately came to my mind.

I've been feeeeeeling that collective angst and fear that is so prevalent in the headlines and social media buzz. It's hard to avoid. On top of that, my own personal fears and general feelings of being a living and breathing human on this planet surfaces right to the top with the rest of it.

So in my prayers and meditations lately, I've been adding that special ingredient of roses, the great symbol and archetype of love. Love to counteract the heavy pressing of fear that can be all encompassing.

Rose quartz. That pink and lovely stone that gives out the energy and vibe of love. I have a beautiful palm stone that I hold in my hands while I sit in silence and call on the powers of the divine. I've also pulled out my raw crystals and placed them closer to my bed. I can use all the extra love vibes in wake and sleep right now.

Rose oil. I put a few drops of this precious balm on my fingertips and rub in directly over my heart, right where my anxiety decides to sit and take up space. I breathe in the calm and give an offering of gratitude for all that is right and whole in my life.

These are small and simple things that sitting by themselves, seem like a tiny ripple in a great world pond of hurt and unknown. But a small ripple starts another and a prayer of gratitude can be felt in other parts of your subconscious and reach parts of your heart and mind you didn't even know needed the kind of healing love and blessings the gift of rose can bring. Small efforts count and they absolutely have the power to bring bigger change.

Those are a few extra things I'm using this week, month, season...I've kind of lost track of time, but you get the idea. What kinds of things do you do to bring in and feel that all flowing power of love in your life?


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