Services Offered


Oracle Reading

Receive a 60 minute reading using oracle decks to assist and guide your questions. 

Oracle decks are used to help assist and clarify questions and add guidance to situations that seem unclear. 

The objective of the oracle readings is to help you gain your own confidence and trust in your ability to listen and trust your own intuition. You will walk away with clarity, guidance and tools for what is next in your life. I will draw cards and intuitively give you direction based on the draw. 

My work with clients is usually focused on helping them trust their own intuition and help in recognizing messages and signs and what the Divine presence can look like in their own life.


I have worked in the realms of Ascended Masters, Angels, Mother Earth, Goddesses, and other sources of Spirit. My eclectic background in seeking my own healing and guidance has led me to a place where people of all walks of life are comfortable seeking messages and readings from my skill sets. I look forward to helping you in your own personal path of light and truth.

Readings will be conducted live through Zoom. Clients will need to already have the platform or download the app before our call.

Full Moon

$74 for 60 min

Open Book

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records can assist in recognizing a soul contract that you are still fulfilling, or make connections to your current problem with something that happened in another lifetime.


Some experience physical symptoms that might be related from a past life. Or the same pattern of rejection, hurt, or feelings of inadequacy might keep coming up. Maybe there is a challenging relationship that you are trying to gain insight and answers to.


The Akashic Records can give you clues to how to overcome these, and sometimes the origins of where they started so you can move toward healing and wholeness.

Book an Akashic Record reading to gain insight into past lives and how understanding where you’ve been can help your current path.

Akashic Record readings typically last an hour. Clients will receive an invitation to a Zoom link for a private and personal reading. 


$74 for 60 min


Written Channel

Receive a written, intuitive reading through channeling to guide your direction and receive answers to questions.​

Channeling is a kind of divine communication with angels and guides to help guide and direct your life path or decision making. 

Channeling is a way to connect to angels and guides and can be thought of as a type of blessing or prayer in light of helping guide your decisions.

It is important to know that a channeled message is not a prediction of prophecy. This realm of light work has an important emphasis on free will and one's ability to choose. ​

Free will and the ability to choose is a concept that is important in this realm of light work. Part of my calling is to help others use their own tools of connecting with Spirit to direct their life and purpose. 

My channeled readings are unique because you will have a document you can read over and refer to later. My clients appreciate being able to have a reference when pondering and meditating on their own questions and life path.

​The more specific your question, the more specific your answer. 

Your reading will be approximately 800-1200 words long which is usually a page and a quarter of single space text, sent via email in a pdf file. You can ask your question in the form that will be sent directly to me and I will email you back your message. Email me for directions on receiving your written channel. 

Neat Computer Desk

$56 for 800-1200 words