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Readings Offered


I am a spiritual guide and healer. The goal of my work to help you be your own sovereign healer and guide. I work with oracle cards, the Akashic Records and through channels to connect with Spirit to help you receive the answers you are seeking. The world of Spirit I work in is eclectic, inclusive and open minded. I strive to help people find the path they are looking for while always reminding my clients that the future is never written in stone. Free will and choice will always be hovering around every decision and path one makes. Your guides and angels are there and wanting to help direct your life. They are closer than you think. I want to help you access that help and your own potential for finding truth and your own North Star. I book appointments via email and openings vary week to week. Our reading together may consist of oracle cards, intuitive guidance, or delving into the Akashic Records. I also strive to build in opportunities for my clients to practice their own intuitive gifts. I look forward to hearing from you and booking your reading. 


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