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Akashic Record FAQs

What are the Akashic Records?

Think of the Akashic Records as the Book of Life. Every lifetime and lesson that you have lived is recorded in the Akashic Records and can be accessed using a specific prayer to help you in this lifetime gain answers and directions to current struggles you are experiencing now. 

How Do I Know If an Akashic Record Reading is Right For Me?

Chances are, if you are to this point of looking into an Akashic Record reading, it is right for you. I first head the word Akashic 6 years ago, and it went right over my head and had no blip on my radar. However, 6 months later, it came up again, and I recognized it at the time as something incredibly important to my soul development.  The records tend to find you. If it doesn't feel right to receive a reading, then it's not time. But if something about looking into your Akashic Records resonates, then reach out and schedule a reading.

What Kind of Questions Should I Ask?

Asking a "yes" or "no" question will not get the kind of direction and answer you might be looking for. There are better methods for yes/no questions, the Akashic Records is not one of them. The keepers of the records do not have an earthly timeline, so asking a question like, "when will I get a job I actually enjoy?" will most likely not yield an answer that you are looking for. The records are best used for healing and fulfilling your soul's purpose of learning and growth. A better question might be, "what is blocking me from a career that helps fulfill my life's purpose and brings me joy?" 

Do I Have To Believe in Past Lives To Receive a Reading?

A belief in past lives is not necessary to benefit from the healing power of the Akashic Records. But understand that references may be made to lives you have lived in other realms. (But not always.) The keepers of the records are full of love and wisdom and want the records to serve as a guide and healing post and will be able to direct the reader (me) to best use the records for the person they are reading for. The idea of past lives and their impact on healing is not always necessary for some things to heal. Experiences from childhood or other experiences in this life may be just as beneficial to healing and growth as an experience or memory from a past life. Readings are meant to give specific guidance for a specific question, so while it is tempting to ask the records to tell you about any past life, it doesn't work that way. The records will reveal to you what is important for your soul growth and development.

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