"Kara's reading style is warm and approachable. I really appreciated how well she explained each part of the reading. I was very impressed with the information she was able to bring forth. It truly resonated with me. I highly recommend a reading with her."

   -Heather Northrup

“Such a positive & uplifting feeling after reading this. I am going to take all this to heart & trust my gut to know what is right.”

      - Erica W

I was so excited to receive a channeled Spirit message from Kara. I found Kara’s description of how she works as a channel and what to expect extremely helpful. I also appreciated being able to ask a question, not just to help her tune into a Spirit message for me, but also to serve to clarify my own understanding of what I felt I needed most to learn at this time.


My question revolved around one of my various endeavors: writing. Kara’s first channelling response discussed the power of the written word and how writing for me is a gift that might not only sustain me in a practical sense but also serve as a tool Spirit can use to speak through me. I have had my suspicions about this for a while now and Kara’s insight cemented my understanding. Beyond that, I was struck by Kara’s self-reflective professionalism. She wrote that what she had received for me was so relevant to her that she was concerned she’d didn’t actually channel a message for me alone - so she channeled a second time to ensure that she received a message for me. In her second channeled message, Kara accurately described my constant worry that I am on the “right” path and taking steps toward my “true purpose.”


She reassured me that my writing talent is not a “small thing,” not a “hobby,” and that I am meant to use prose to speak the “truth.” Again, affirming my personal understanding of what I’m supposed to be doing with my writing. -- While we only spoke over email, I had the impression that Kara was not only highly professional and thoughtful, but a caring person dedicated to relaying loving messages from Spirit. Thank you Miss Kara for your time and generosity!

Many blessings,

Judy M.

“That was phenomenal! Thank you so very much. You hit it spot on and I cannot thank you enough!”

- Melanie H

Kara has done two readings for me recently. In each situation, the readings were tailored to me individually, mentioning deep personal yearnings of my heart. I had specific questions which I posed to Kara prior to the readings, and she then asked my Guides those questions. I was pleased to not only see answers to my specific questions, but also other concerns or thoughts that were on my mind.


Topics my heart were contemplating were touched with grace and compassion. I also knew that the reading was channeled directly from my Guides because it was not Kara's voice in the writing. It was my Guide! I know that Kara spends sacred time with each reading. She practices spirituality daily, strengthening her ability to connect to Spirit. I had complete confidence sharing intimate details of my life with her, knowing she has dedicated a space of herself to aid in healing others.


I have received spiritual guidance my entire life. Whether that was from spiritual leaders or family members. But this experience was different. It was deep, intimate, and clear. Each of my readings were straight forward from my Guides. No guessing or dancing around topics. I'm so grateful for the spiritual guidance I have received.  I would a thousand times over receive readings from Kara. She is a spiritual beacon, a true modern healer.